Messing About In the Armoury

  Niffy vs the Huns

Corporal 'Niffy' Pikes in the armoury, with a Lewis machine-gun set up on a tripod. He is wearing an army-pattern tunic with no RAF badging.

Private Charlie Heath in the armoury, with Lewis machine-guns and service revolvers on shelf. 100lb Bomb and 65lb Bomb in the foreground, and signal pistols. Army pattern tunic and peaked khaki cap Charlie Heath in the armoury

Corporal Niffy Pikes and Private Jess Willard in the armoury, with Lewis machine-guns and a (non-regulation) shotgun. Both in Army pattern tunics - no RAF Badging. On the wall are what appear to be two very long guns. These are fencing muskets; dummy rifles fitted with spring-loaded plungers at the muzzle so that they could be used for bayonet practice without causing injury. Lined up along the bottom of the rack are Lewis machine guns stripped of their butts and cooling jackets for aerial use. (Thanks to Chris Hall for pointing out the indentity of these last two items.)Niffy & Jess with shotguns etc